Welsh Education Minister reviews HE

The Welsh Education Minister Huw Lewis has unveiled details for funding for Higher Education across the country. His speech focussed on three key themes – including fair sustainable funding for Wales.

For the ministers speech and interview, click here.


Welsh university students pay around three and a half thousand pounds for their tuition fees – with the Welsh government paying the rest through a grant. The students get the money wherever they study. The Welsh Conservatives say that policy is unaffordable. So it’s not surprising that sustainable funding was one of Mr Lewis’ key themes. And he says HE funding in Wales is going up.

Mr Lewis said his other key themes were equality and equity and jobs and growth. He said universities should play a bigger role in society. And he talked about a recent trip to China and what his impressions were of that country’s recent growth…

In the audience for the Ministers speech was Dr Lynn Williams – an executive of scholarship and research society in Wales.

According to the Minister, there will be a national debate about his review of funding for Higher Education in Wales – with everyone welcome to express their opinions.


This is literally the most time consuming news I have ever made. On Monday night right after the conference, I wrote the first version of this piece. Later on Wednesday I showed that to James, he told me some broad information of Monday review which made me realized whenever I wrote news, I shall always link the background with current event. Apparently, that’s review is not just a simple speech. The minister Huw Lewis is in a big trouble right now, because current HE funding policy in Wales costs the government a lot money, and the expenditure is still increasing. That’s why Welsh Conservatives think it is unfavorable. That’s why in the review, Mr Lewis claims that the current policy is ”sustainable”. For more information, click the links below!

I personally think this is a very interesting topic. You can see England, Welsh they are all in UK while as relatively independent nations their own education policies are so different.


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